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Examining the Yemas at Watches of KnightsbridgeHere on Fratello Watches, we've featured many vintage Yema models on our site. These fun, often vibrant colored replica watches represented the affordable side from the hobby: often mimicking much more expensive Heuers with semi-similar design motifs, but costing much less in the market. These people were plentiful, robust - with many containing 773x movements - and fun. Recently, though, Yema chronographs became expensive and infrequently turn up when searching eBay. Like the majority of vintage chronographs, they're popular now. So, when I became conscious of 11 (!!) pieces developing for auction on June 24, 2017 in London, I believed I'd give you a peek at some Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge plus some thoughts. Only to be clear, I have not handled these pieces (yet) along with the photos are stock shots. If nothing else, it's nice to find out a large grouping of these replica watches area.A few quick notes are needed regarding the brand before we get in to the Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge. Like a site, we're fans of those replica watches. I own a number of them, an earlier Rallye (our title picture) and a Daytona, Teun owns a pleasant Rallye(shown above), and Blaise had one at the same time. Blaise also did a feature about the Wesley's that Mario Andretti wore in his sole win on the Indy 500 in 1969 - this became a co-branded Yema. French brand was well known inside the late 1960's and early 1970's for reasonable chronographs that brought some very era-specific styling for the market - wood grain anyone - speculate I've mentioned in articles, they're slightly less refined than other replica watches through the day such as Heuer or Omega. Job this as a damning slight; just know very well what you're looking at prior to expending money.Lot 103: Yema Daytona The primary on the Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge, the Daytona may well be among the most sober designs with the French brand. It's highly like the Autavia "Andretti" of comparable age within dial an accidents design. This place seems as if a great example albeit with darkly aged lume (not atypical for these particular) along with the correct rotating dive style bezel. This version features the robust Valjoux 7730 movement along with a typical 39mm stainless case, making it like the model I own and enjoy. With this picture, one and only thing looks just like a possible replacement would be the crown. This is not a massive game breaker in my book, though, as being the correct flat-topped crowns aren't exactly emblematic.Budget: 1500 - 2000 GBP Lot 104: Yema Daytona At first glance, this model looks like the previous lot we discussed of the Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge, so that it is another Daytona. However, checking again will demonstrate some very subtle differences fake rolex watches backward and forward lots. Note that the applied indices rest up against the inner scale whereas they "float" for the earlier lot. Also, this model posesses a chrono sweep hand using a red tip (correct) as well as the words "Incabloc" and "17 Jewels" are reversed inside their stacking fake rolex . This all exactly what to a rather different generation watch plus it is surely a Daytona which has a more desirable column wheel-equipped Valjoux 92. Note the asymmetry in the manner the pushers are aligned and also you see this more clearly. Overall, this Daytona is in nice shape with all the only flaw from a crown that looks like it is often replaced.Price range: 1500 - 2000 GBP Lot 105: Yema Rallye with Date Next up on our tour with the Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge is really a Yema Rallye with Date. The Rallyes are usually the hottest of Yemas and collectors prize individuals with dates omega seamaster limited edition watches . That is amazing, a good-looking chronograph having a date? These replica watches were fitted with the Valjoux 7734 which looks to become nice, honest example other than, once again, a replaced crown. The dial shows some liver spots as well as the lume has turned. Also, the "dot alongside ninety" bezel is perfectly ok on this piece.Range of prices: 1800 - 2200 GBP Lot 106: LeJour (Yema) Super Rally For taxation purposes, Yemas were sold as "LeJour" in america. Ah, generate an income recall the not so distant era of in search of LeJours simply because they were accessible for half the price of an identical Yema. Sadly, those times are actually over as collectors are becoming a great deal more astute. Still, with the auction being held in London, this is usually a chance for a decent deal. These 7736-powered Super Rally pieces are bright, bold and seemingly less available over a normal Rallye - I unfortunately missed landing one annually approximately ago in a great price and i have kicked myself from the time! Note the missing lume (not a surprise) on the minute hand, but the rest looks in order. The crown is correct, as is the "dot over ninety" non-rotating bezel. Amongst the Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge, this could be the most popular.Range of prices: 2500 - 3000 GBP Lot 107: Yema Rallye "Blackout" Another piece is the thing that I'd call an eccentric Yema because it comes with a unsigned dial. The dressed in black dial is unquestionably unique. Judging in the unsigned loose Yema-esque dials I have come across on eBay, I'd estimate that this has been created for sale with a 3rd party that used Yema replica watches. These brands take their own names on the dial. In such a case, though, it wasn't ever rebadged or badged at all. This watch features a 7730 and appears undertake a replacement crown.Cost range: 1500 - 2500 GBPLot 108: Yema Rallye "Brown Sugar" Lot 108 is definitely an interesting 1970's piece through the variety of Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge. Note the crown guards (a bigger 41mm diameter too) plus the inclusion of the internal tachy scale alongside the outer rotating dive bezel with acrylic insert. Once again, you will find a date function, which means power through Valjoux 7734. It features a layered dial including the formica pieces, with distinctive sub registers and date aperture that have turned a beautiful color that lends the name "Brown Sugar". Also, examine the black, correct, hour and minute hands. From your pictures, this appears to be an extremely nice and rare Yema.Budget: 3000 - 4000 GBPLot 109: Yema Super Rallygraf (formica dial) With Lot 109, we are into one of several wonderful Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge. The "formica dial" chronographs in the brand have long been cult classics. They're very 70's and because of this, they formerly lagged the marketplace because of being cast as an acquired taste. Well, this indicates many are hungry of these because prices and availability have gone in opposite directions. This 3-register model having a Valjoux 7736 has some aging to your dial and hands, which can or may not strike your fancy - I tend to want it because i think blends well with all the dial colors overall. It possesses a correct acrylic tachy bezel.Budget range: 2500 - 3000 GBP Lot 110: Yema Rallye with Date (formica dial) Oftentimes inside running for my preferred by the Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge, Lot 110 is an extremely clean looking wooden dashboard sort of the Rallye with date (a Valjoux 7734 is inside). This piece looks to remain great condition and should attract decent bidding. The general dial condition, bezel, and hands make this an incredibly nice piece u boat fontana watches . Note what seems as if an import customs stamp around the upper left lug (easily had to guess, I'd say Portugal as Possess seen many vintage pieces with hallmarks in this location).Range of prices: 3000 - 4000 GBP Lot 111: Yema Croisiere Of all the so-called Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge, this model is probable the main one to get the most attention. The Croisiere, featuring its yachting minutes sub register and cross-shaped (and so the name) lower register with 24-hour scale, is a well-liked model. These are very colorful and attractive directly. This one features a worn, but original looking, acrylic inlay bezel, correct "submerged" pushers and original crown. The dial has patina, but looks evenly aged to my eyes. The sweep chrono hand looks to become a replacement as this ought to be all white having a "hollow" arrow tip. The positive is this fact hand was implemented in lots of other Yemas, so a patient search should yield the right part.Price range: 3000 - 4000 GBPLot 112: Yema Yachtingraf Much like the Croisiere before, another from the Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge can be a colorful and desirable piece. Valjoux 7730-powered, it really is another regatta timer together with the correct countdown hand within the rightmost sub register. Other than some typical dial aging, the watch does seem to have two different pushers along with a replacement crown. When i think the reserve takes this note as these became very expensive.Range of prices: 2200 - 2600 GBPLot 113: Yema Sous Marine "Jumbo" Divers Chronograph A final lot within the Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge could be the c-cased Jumbo Divers Chronograph. This watch also includes a Valjoux 7734 since it includes a date plus a rotating acrylic bezel. These Sous Marine ("Underwater" in English) pieces ditch the original Heuer-esque case, nevertheless they offer the funky, French style as seen within the dial. If a 1970's Autavia is just too big boring available for you, perhaps this piece provides more visual flair! From my research, everything looks correct within this piece.Range of prices: 2000 - 3000 GBPI am interested to determine how a Yemas at Watches of Knightsbridge perform. Auctions can be extremely unpredictable so i would point out that the reserves have been set with market knowledge in mind (do remember the buyer's commission, but remember a rather affordable GBP). Yes, many of these Yemas have a very slight revision, but also in the truth of a crown, this really is relatively minor and persistence can likely unearth one. I will be watching to determine what goes on.The Watches of Knightsbridge "Modern & Vintage Timepieces" auction will be locked in London on June 24, 2017 at 11:00am GMT. The online catalog could be found here.